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Think about how you will present your work, what supplies you will need to create an effective display that is within your budget.

  • Will you show loose prints?
  • Matted work in clear bags?
  • Framed on the walls?
  • Do you have bins, pedestals, shelves, or other engineering elements?

If you are using a space that is not your own, make sure that you know what the rules are regarding putting nails (or screws, or bolts) into the walls/ floors/ ceilings!

Your visitors will want to get up close to everything. They will want to touch surfaces and pick up objects. Do you need to take steps to protect your work, or is handling all right? 

Look at how other artists present their work, and ask them about their experiences. 

Preparing and framing work can be costly, but having even a few pieces that are ready to hang helps potential customers visualize how your work will look in their space. 

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