Ray Lobato


I have enjoyed being a professional graphic designer in San Francisco for over 20 years. A couple of years ago I received my certification as a Traditional Chinese Medicine-based Feng Shui Practitioner. My practice helps individuals and businesses with health, wealth and relationship issues. I have always been very spiritual and have recently aligned my faith and principles with my everyday life. My "life's work" is sending a message that life can be great for anyone because we all deserve it and are all equal. This I convey with more clarity and simplicity as days go by, and is apparent in my design, feng shui and art work.
 My new "Sun On Earth" series consists of wood stain paintings on wood boxes. The process includes many layers of stain to produce the effect of dimension. The entire surfice is flat. Many think it looks carved or weaved. The title of the series comes from the idea that the sun is everywhere, shining it's rays on earth. This inevitable act of nature can't be changed or stopped.  It just is.  We are connected to this as we are to everything that exists. We are one. We are not separate. Look deep into these images and find your place of peace.