Inga Poslitur

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Neighborhood: Sunset

Each artwork begins with something I would see and it would trigger my desire to express it in tangible medium. An unusual color combination or an abstract shape of everyday objects or an unusual human face would ignite my imagination. Every time when I am facing a blank canvas, I wonder:” How do I start?” And then I “see” the image on the canvas’s surface and follow this guidance.
As a professional habit, I would do a small sketch first. After that I would proceed with preliminary detailed drawing. It gives me guidelines during painting. After I am satisfied with that step, I am continuing with colors. While each layer of medium is drying up, I am planning my next step. During the painting process at all times I keep the image of the finished piece in my mind as a guide. At the end the completed physical painting and what I have imagined in the beginning are not always match up, but often they do. This gives me the feeling of tremendous satisfaction with the creative process.
Through painting and drawing process I connect to the world I live in, learn how to relate to it, how to find my own unique artistic voice and share my awe of life with my audience.

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