Elana Bober

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(415) 810-1021

Art Explosion - Alabama Street Studios
744 Alabama Street Room #275
San Francisco, CA 94110

My work is inspired by seldom seen deep sea creatures in their dark and murky world. They come from a place virtually untouched by humans. As I study and draw these specimens I transform them into imaginary anthropomorphized characters,. They know something we don’t know … enlightened but not sharing.

I hand dye each piece of paper. The volumes are created by water color and defined by graphic black lines. I find myself using fashion drawing techniques from long ago: swift graceful gestures adding a roll neck sweater here or a bishop sleeve there. These endless black marks function as surface design like cross hatchings of comic drawings or precise line-work of tattoos. Each piece takes many hours to create. The process is slow and methodical.

I studied fine arts as an undergraduate at Yale University. I then went on to work as an assistant to a NYC based artist. Ultimately I felt I had nothing to say, no mastery of a skill, and I lacked confidence to pursue my dream as a young woman. I veered away from fine arts and studied fashion design at Parsons School of Design culminating in a 15 year career in commercial design. Twenty five years later I am confidently returning to my first love. I now have a proud and defined aesthetic, a fascination with the natural world, and many open ended questions I’m happy to ponder while making marks on the page.

Currently I live with with my husband and 2 daughters in San Francisco, my home for the past 15 years.