Dannielle Sergent

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Neighborhood: Potrero Hill
Group Affiliation: Art Explosion - 17th Street Studios

Dannielle Sergent is an artist working in various media, from built form (architecture and interiors) to the olfactory (perfume) and visual arts (oil paint and mixed media). In each of these disciplines she explores the tension and harmony between the natural and the man made, the simple and complex, and the old and new.

In the visual arts this balance is exhibited with delicate flowers neglecting gravity or man made objects holding them in place without tearing them apart. It is also the digital process of 21st century digital art and printing technology, elevating the ancient art of oil painting. Each painting focuses on a flower, or group of flowers. The combinations are often unnatural and impossible arrangements. In recent paintings the floral groupings form faces = Botanical Portraits. These luscious, dense and surrealistic portraits have been the foundation of Dannielle’s work for the last decade. Visits during Open Studios will typically pair the Botanical Portrait paintings with the unique scents developed to further define the "personality" of these portraits. The ingredients of these fragrances are not a melange of the botanics in the images but are instead a careful blend of ancient essential oils and modern molecules to further elevate the experience.