The mission of ArtSpan's SFOS Mentor Team is to assist artists who have questions about preparing and participating in SF Open Studios. Experienced Mentor Members from our Open Studios Committee will share insightful information to provide useful help and instill confidence while you get ready for your SF Open Studios event.


Two SFOS Mentor Mixers to
take part Via Zoom in 2020!

Need some advice about registering and preparing for SF (Virtual) Open Studios this year? Have some questions about the new virtual elements and registration tiers? Would it help to talk with someone familar with SFOS programming? 

Join us on Zoom for this SFOS Mentor Mixer to ask all your burning questions and get useful advice about what to expect and how to use the available tools to your best benefit

We will provide an introduction to the SFOS Toolkit and reference ArtSpan's SFOS FAQ's with answers to the most common questions. 

Our team of seasoned artists will share their skills, information, and insights to help instill confidence while preparing for SF (Virtual) Open Studios.

Wednesday, July 22, 2020
6:30-8pm via Zoom
Register HERE for Zoom info


Wednesday, August 19, 2020
12noon-1:30pm via Zoom
Register HERE for Zoom info  


Pictured above: Joshua Coffy