The mission of ArtSpan's SFOS Mentor Team is to assist artists who have questions about preparing and participating in SF Open Studios.

Experienced Mentor Members from our Open Studios Committee will share insightful information to provide useful help and instill confidence while you get ready for your SF Open Studios event.



Our team of seasoned artists will share their skills, information, and insights to help instill confidence while preparing for SF (Virtual) Open Studios. Stay tuned for announcements about 2021 Mentor Mixers this Summer-Fall.


Top Photo: Joshua Coffy
Group Photo: Nyya Lark, Dianne hoffman, barbara Pollak-Lewis, Ramiro Cairo, Heather Robinson, Leah Jachimowictz, Joshua Coffy, Danielle Santinover, Greta Schnetzler, nikki vismara & Tanya herrera