ArtSpan Onondaga Art Center

On Onondaga Avenue, in The Excelsior.

Original Artwork by Paul Madonna


Help us cross the finish line: 2022 Update

We are focusing on the future and are setting our sights on ambitious goals. We are saying "Yes!" to creating more meaningful in-person connections between artists and the public. We're thinking big, and so can you.


Serving San Francisco artists and residents with art studios, a community meeting space, a classroom, a resource center and a collaborative art gallery. We need to raise $1,000,000 to support the development and creation of this project. Together we can do it!

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A true hub for creativity, the ArtSpan Onondaga Art Center will make a measurable impact within the neighborhood by fostering a vibrant and engaging art scene that involves local residents and attracts artists and art lovers from all over the city.

ArtSpan was selected, through a competitive process, to be granted the lease of a city-owned building on Onondaga Avenue, in the historic Excelsior District. The Onondaga people are one of the five original tribes of the Native American Iroquois nation and are considered the "Keepers of the Flame". Honoring this resilient people, we will carry the torch of San Francisco's creative class into the future.

This is a big project, but together we can do it. Supporters at all levels are essential to our success. Your financial support demonstrates your faith in the value of our programs and gives our organization stability as well as the flexibility to respond to new challenges. Together we can build a stronger, more resilient future.

Click Here to find out about becoming a Founder

Click Here to find out about becoming a Founder