San Francisco Open Studios 2021

A Wide-Open Festival 

Now entering its 47th year, ArtSpan’s city-wide SF Open Studios event is returning with in-person events, our popular Printed Guide, our 400+ art Exhibition at the SOMArts Cultural Center AND with built-in flexibility for artists. We are presenting a month-long festival of “wide-open” studio events liberated from geographic and temporal restraints. From September 16 through October 17, artists may host open studio event(s) whenever, wherever (within the SF Bay Area), and however best suits their comfort level and capacity.
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In keeping with previous years, we are suggesting the below "anchor times" to organize your SFOS events.

Thursdays & Fridays: 5 - 8PM
Saturdays & Sundays: 12 - 5PM

As a registered artist, you may also host or participate in SFOS events outside of these times so long as they are during ArtSpan’s month-long festival season (09/16-10/17). SF Wide-Open Studios (SFOS) gives artists agency to manifest multiple events and allows for adjustments in the case of unforeseen urgencies and/or interruptions (fires, smoke, COVID-surges, etc). 

Active ArtSpan Artist Members may review a list of Group Site Dates here.

Design event(s) meeting your own needs and availability! Your SFOS experience will only be limited by your creativity and desire:

  • Welcome the public into your brick and mortar creative space
  • Encourage one-on-one studio visits by appointment
  • Plan a sidewalk pop-up
  • Host a morning coffee brunch or an evening happy hour 
  • Present a renegade artist-run group site 
  • Host a private or group Zoom/Twitch/Hop-in/Google Meet/etc.

The possibilities are endless! Share your craft, creativity, and creative spaces with the general public with ArtSpan amplifying and elevating your events.

Patrons will discover SFOS events through ArtSpan’s robust marketing campaign, "See Art Where You Are", and our dynamic web app available on both desktop and mobile. Our updated interface features a dynamic calendar of events and a responsive mapping system allowing users to discover artful happenings near them while out and about during the time of the SF Wide-Open Studios. 

Our festival season will culminate at SOMArts with a celebration on October 21 at the opening of our annual group show highlighting the abundant creativity of the SF Bay Area. The exhibition will run from October 21 through November 21, allowing all participants to focus on the SFOS festival season before shifting attention to the expansive exhibition and its accompanying events (Art Salons, parties, etc). 

ArtSpan is excited to welcome back the SF Open Studios we have all grown to love with improvements enabling artists to—for the first time ever—create and promote multiple SFOS events outside of assigned weekends!

**SF Wide-Open Studios is open to artists in the San Francisco Bay Area who are members of ArtSpan and registered to participate in SFOS.** 
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Your registration will qualify you for a range of benefits:



  • Ability to list your SFOS event(s) on ArtSpan’s platform for users to discover you and your work!
  • Access to other participating artists: Connect with fellow SFOS artists searching for event collaborators to organize a group event or to join forces to participate during the same dates and timeframes. Browse our Venues Seeking Artists List to find spaces available for SFOS artists.
  • Eligibility to participate in ArtSpan’s virtual SFOS event on Wednesday September 29, 2021 from 4pm to 8pm.
  • Media Kit: ArtSpan will provide event and platform verbiage, branded promotional images, and relevant links to facilitate promoting your SFOS participation.
  • Broad promotion by ArtSpan as part of the SFOS festival season.
  • Inclusion in the Exhibition at SOMArts Cultural Center (Oct. 21 - Nov. 21, 2021): The first 450 artists to register for participation in SF Wide-Open Studios will have the opportunity to reserve their spot in ArtSpan’s celebratory Exhibition at SOMArts. Our 2021 Exhibition will present a broad overview of artists who participated in SFOS, allow for artwork purchases, and feature QR codes to learn more about the artist themselves! (Maximum artwork size: 20” x 20”)
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Terms of Agreement:

If an artist or venue hosts other artists, each artist must be a registered participant with ArtSpan. There are NO REFUNDS on registration and membership fees. Each artist is responsible for managing their studio during SF Open Studios; ArtSpan is not responsible in any way. ArtSpan reserves the right to photograph the artist, event space, and artwork for publicity, documentation, and fundraising purposes. Terms subject to change.

Pictured above: Talavera-Ballon



You can review our 2021 FAQs here.

If your question has not been answered in the FAQs, please email ArtSpan at [email protected]