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Neighborhood: Hayes Valley

Creativity has been a core part of who I am from the beginning, yet I only began painting a few years ago. In the darkest moments of loneliness during covid lockdowns and California wildfires, I turned to creativity to be my companion, my guide, my salvation. My first painting was of my legendary self; she magically unveiled herself on the canvas as has been my muse since.

Initially, I painted unique visions that emerged from the depths of my imagination, but over time, I felt an irresistible pull towards greater freedom and experimentation. This led me to create bold, vibrant abstracts that hold a moment in time of my soul’s expression.

When I'm in the midst of creating, I completely surrender myself to the moment and let my energy flow to the canvas. The images that emerge are wildly unpredictable, multi-layered, and unique. Some capture an emotion, an experience, a moment in time and others reflect my deep connection to nature. All of them will add a spark of life to your world and will welcome you to share in the human journey of self-expression and transformation.