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I use many resources to set up situations that trigger deep emotions and make us question our surroundings. When people are carried by their emotions, the boundaries of what is socially acceptable becomes loose. In these circumstances, the private becomes public, and collective catharsis generates. The epilogue can be a happy ending… or a revolution.

As a visual storyteller, I want to build a collective narrative to allow the public to add their own interpretation. Sometimes I am straightforward when I deliver the message, but usually a second gaze is needed to understand the intention of the piece.

I plot an imaginary cartography of our human condition. To achieve that, I twist the lines of the subjects into topographic landscapes. This style, which I call "Wildlines", is inspired by the theories of Kandinsky and math concepts like the Fibonacci Spiral, and fractals.


I come from a very diverse background, covering journalism, art history, literature, linguistics, technology and even soap opera (telenovelas) script. That allows me to use a pastiche of theories and disciplines to assemble deux-ex-machina installation and mix media paintings that connect with the public in a visceral way.