Tyler Atura Bushnell

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Neighborhood: Mission

Giotto’s drew the perfect circle to prove his skill as an artist to the pope. This feat was as much a display of the natural occurrence of circles as it was a demonstration of his innovative talent. In Zen, ensō is a disciplined creative practice of creating circles. Usually in one fluid, expressive stroke, the circle has been called a symbol of strength, elegance, minimalism, and enlightenment.

The circles en masse form shapes and texture at the individual and macro levels. Each piece is born using sets of processes that govern where the next circle will be, what size, and what color. They start to mimic the organization of cells, or sediment, or stars, or molecules. They’re zoomed in pictures of clouds, skin, bacteria. They exist as individual subjects and as a textures, and as collections.

They are a meditation on matter, representing the creation of form while also being formed by circles. They show texture while having their own texture of ink and paper.