Tom Risser

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Neighborhood: Marina

I am a retired physicist who now spends most of my time pursuing my lifelong avocation of landscape photography. I make mostly, but not exclusively, black and white landscapes. My special interest is infrared photography.

I am drawn to infrared imaging because infrared light is invisible to humans and visualizing it requires special equipment. I have worked both as a particle physicist and as a medical physicist—each of these disciplines relies heavily on specialized equipment to “visualize the invisible” so that infrared imaging fits well with my life as a professional physicist.

My early experience with infrared was shooting film, with a preference for old rangefinder and twin lens reflex cameras. Most of the time now, however, I shoot infrared with a digital camera.

My digital infrared camera's sensor was modified by Life Pixel to register blue as well as infrared, so you will see some images in my infrared gallery with blue sky and water--they are created this way in-camera, not in Photoshop.

I live and work in San Francisco.

You may call or text me at 415-515-2999. If you call, please leave a message.