silvi alcivar

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Neighborhood: Mission
Group Affiliation: Arc Studios & Gallery

my poems emerge from the dark of you meeting i. then there is something more than light. there is life.
in this life there are people wanting secret wishes taking shape as poems; friends connecting 3000 miles of wonder and wisdom and what now’s; lovers giving each other keys to rooms they’ve always wanted to open; rain smells on sidewalks; kites shaped like swallows; squirrels; chickens; yes; no; o; oh!; children laughing as mothers underdog them on swings; men named harry and women named betty living in nursing homes writing poems for the first time in their eighty-something years of life, “well,” they say, “how about that.”
that is where magic lies, where a poet turns teacher, meets old people turned friends, and so much waiting and wanting comes alive. that, like tea-lit pumpkins on porches and thousands of fireflies looking like fallen stars over a field at night, and punctuation changing so many things, that is the stuff of my life.
if you’d like to know more about my work teaching poetry in nursing homes, visit the Institute on Aging’sCEYA Program
if you’d like to hire me to write poems at your next event, or teach poetry, contact me at [email protected]
thank you so much for your support. yours in poetry and gratitude,
p.s. the poetry store is an interactive experience where, in 3 minutes or less, you get a custom poem typewritten on beautiful paper, about anything you want! also for sale: one-of-a-kind art & jewelry inspired by the same of-the-moment process and made with an upcycled ethos and vintage appeal.