Taiko Fujimura

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Neighborhood: Pacific Heights

Taiko Fujimura is a mixed media painter based in San Francisco. She is currently focusing on painting with ink, watercolor, acrylic, and oil on a variety of surfaces.

Taiko selects materials that link her inner self with the outside world, creating an extended montage of her personal experiences, connections and relationships with both people and objects. Her use of colors is often vivid and extreme, and evokes her emotional responses to objects and non-objects. Her pieces confront the dichotomies between chaos and order, industrial and organic, mind and body, positive and negative, logical and random, and intuitive and sequential. She feels an understanding of dualism is key to her art. Her pieces seek to bridge the contradictions around us where two opposites co-exist through unifying space.

The concepts she explores include peacefulness, harmony, unity, and universality. Her work is strongly influenced by Japanese wabi-sabi and Japanese calligraphy, which she has studied since age six. Back to her roots, she is currently working on Japanese inspired paintings.

Please visit www.taikofujimura.com for more info.