Tachina Rudman-Young

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Neighborhood: Dogpatch


“If you’re not amazed, you’re not paying attention.”
- Rick Hanson Ph. D.

Nature’s beauty, color, wind, water, and movement, all amaze me and inspire me to create. I choose to paint abstract because I love the way it suggests something, without stating it definitively. I also love the possibility, openness and freedom it allows people to interpret my paintings.

I work intuitively, focusing on the joyful, passionate and celebratory aspects of color. Using my breath and large motions, I focus on letting go, being present, and infusing the work with spontaneity. I allow the paint, gravity and chance to do most of the work; using movement and music helps me reach a state of total immersion in the creative process. It’s a blessing to take a break from the constant chatter of my “monkey mind”. Creating is my mediation, and my constant healing.

I share my work in order to inspire viewers to feel more alive, engaged and awe struck by the beauty of the life.