Sean O'Donnell

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(415) 307-1205

Arc Studios & Gallery
1246 Folsom Street Room #100
San Francisco, CA 94103

Leonardo Da Vinci, Rube Goldberg and MacGyver: These are my artistic influences.

I’ve always been a tinkerer. My generation of boys grew up building tree forts, customizing our bicycles and demonstrating a complete disregard for the printed assembly instructions needlessly included with our model car kits.

Growing up during the 50’s and 60’s in Washington DC – working in my father’s bookshop and my mother’s antique shop – sculpted my love of the written word and my appreciation of handcrafted vintage objects. Ergo, the detritus and shrapnel of flea market treasures are reborn in my assemblages.

Earning my BFA in 1975 from the San Francisco Art Institute taught me valuable technical skills, however, my love of tinkering has always guided my artistic compass. Since 2012, I’ve exhibited in an assortment of San Francisco galleries.

Like a Noir novel, my assemblages remain a mystery to me until they’re finished. Then, like a good book, I pass them along to others to take home and enjoy.