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Neighborhood: SOMA

San Francisco based street artist, trash_b0t has been popping up all around the city. Since covid hit, the city has turned into a massive blank canvas - screaming “opportunity!”. Her wheat pastes can be found around many of the iconic SF neighborhoods.

trash_b0t draws inspiration from anything bold, weird, quirky, and whimsical. Merging the worlds of cute versus strange in a quirky piece of art with a little bit of social commentary. If she can make one person smile, giggle, ponder, laugh, or think “how weird”, she’ll take it as a win.

While most of the art plastered around the city is digital, trash_b0t uses a range of materials on other works of art: acrylic, ink, pen, watercolor, and resin. Not particularly tied to one type of medium, trash_b0t often experiments with multimedia and art techniques new to her. Check out some of her experiments, stickers, and art pieces that pop up in a random neighborhood for #freeartfridays (a free art drop that usually occurs every Friday).