Michael Larson

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Neighborhood: Mission

This is a re-beginning for my work. I started the 1980s with the desire to use art as a means to express myself as I believe that I have something important to say. What I want to say is related to the resilience of self. I choose art as my means for expression, even though I was raised by a parent who could never know what my expression would look like. I found the necessary tools through the early days of grunge before it was grunge music and art in Seattle. I continued and expanded my art studies and work by moving to San Francisco and raising a family. Finally the pressure of family needs forced me to put my art to the side (as an all or nothing gesture). I've found my way back and have brought it back to the center in my life. I've found that much of what I was striving for with my expression is now coming to fruition.

My work is motion, action and expression. It is abstraction with symbolism that ultimately drives the final representation to an image that pleases my eyes. Often times symbols and resonance for me are rooted in different periods of history. These symbols feel understandable from what must feel birthed from a foreign culture/time. However, this must mean that there is a collective sense of experience or self across history and culture. This to me is rich for the imagination. The motion and action for me are an expression of the restlessness of my life to be heard.