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Neighborhood: Buena Vista

As a painter for over 4 decades, I recently re-focused the medium of my work on photography. With a newly discovered capacity to capture and preserve artistic intrigues on my iPhone, I have pivoted to and preserved an ongoing process of unearthing surprising abstraction. I am continually intrigued by the phenomenon of vanishing cultures, ancient architecture, marks of graffiti, light and space. I seek out patterns, linear designs, shapes and forms that collectively transform into a kind of visual language, which is intuitively based. I capture what I refer to as visual symbols or hex rosettes, sometimes literal, often mystical. I focus on non-literal “writings” on the surfaces of these works and the endless layers of paint, paper, and decay. I search out surfaces that often resemble expressionist paintings, weathered walls, old frescos, cracked plaster or cement, and the reaction of time on paint and metal. I view my work with a continual sense of discovery and enjoy the complexities of interpreting that sense.