Artemis Laura Schatzkin

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Neighborhood: East Bay
Group Affiliation: Cafe Alma

The famous dancer Nijinsky said, “God is Beauty. Beauty is God.”

My art is about Beauty. What I find beautiful are other animals and my connection to them. This has always been true for me, and I think it is how most humans perceive the world early in life.

I see myself as an animal. I’m an animal who can draw other animals, but that does not make me separate or superior to other species. These concepts of hierarchy and separation idea has caused the environment and other species great harm. My aim is to use my natural connection to other species to help others contemplate their connection. I want to make this expression beautiful. Just as important to this expression is my belief that art can open hearts and minds. That belief gives my art its crucial depth as a message to other humans.

I am my art; it’s not something I do, it’s who I am.