Artemis Schatzkin

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Neighborhood: East Bay

Diversity in all forms creates more stability and vibrancy in the world. The complexity and amazing details of the natural world is nothing short of exuberant. Just one example: peacock feathers. That don’t need to be all that, and yet they are. They are because nature likes being flamboyant.

I was taught that nature was all about the expanding the least amount of energy to preserve life. In this vein, sex is just about procreation. Pigmentation, shape, size are all purely functional. This isn’t true at all. Nature likes having many forms of expression. We can see it ourselves that it isn’t utilitarian. Bird song, tropical fish, antlers — they go way beyond utility.

I am in the process of sloughing off these wrong ideas I was taught. Nature is diverse, complex, vivid & exuberant. That includes humans. That includes all of us.

My work celebrates this truth.