Artemis Jones

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Neighborhood: East Bay

Diversity in all its forms infuses our world with vibrancy. The complexity and amazing details of the natural world is nothing short of exuberant.

Initially, I was taught to perceive nature as a realm where minimal energy expenditure ensured the preservation of life. However, this view disregards the richness of expression found in the natural world. Nature revels in diversity, showcasing myriad forms of life, each with its own unique beauty and purpose.

In my meticulous drawings, I strive to illuminate the significance of every detail in nature, particularly the interconnectedness between species. My focus lies on exploring interspecies symbiosis, a theme I approach through various series, each offering a distinct perspective. My artistic process is deliberate and unhurried. I carefully consider each mark, holding the essence of the piece in my mind before rendering it onto paper. I use a variety of materials but often return to my love of graphite.

Through my art, I embark on a journey of unlearning misconceptions instilled in me. I come to embrace the truth that nature, like humanity, is diverse, complex, and vivid. My work serves as a celebration of this truth, inviting viewers to recognize and appreciate the kaleidoscope of life that surrounds us.