Ryan Elisabeth Reid


Ryan very much enjoys routine. She wakes up each morning, rubs her hands on her cheeks, and has one to two glasses of green tea with honey and milk. She then does her morning yoga stretches, showers, and heads to her studio. Ryan likes to spend the early morning studio hours experimenting. That could mean making a new painting, dancing around her studio, sitting to think, or writing about the history of her body. She calls this the blue morning hours. A big lunch at 1:00 pm is followed by allotted time on the internet: writing grants, emails or researching. At this point, Ryan likes to snack on dried Mission figs, her favorite food. Next it’s time for some socialization: phone calls, teaching watercolor workshops at a nursing home, rehearsals, or going to a coffee shop with a collaborator. The studio day ends with another period of blue, and then, reflections. And it’s home for dinner + tea, or out ecstatically dancing, or reading a good book, or talking to her family on the phone. Sleep comes easy and in the night Ryan dreams big.