Renee Switkes

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Neighborhood: South Bay
Group Affiliation: FrameArt Studio
SFOS Details:
Weekend 1 (South/East): Oct. 22-23
153 Bacon Street
San Francisco, 94134

The contrast of the light and shadow draws Renée Switkes's attention. She is known for using the language of flowers to reflect her heart gathering inspiration from personal experiences and the gardens she visits. Her work has been exhibited throughout the Bay Area and is now in private collections in California, Georgia, Arizona, and Hawaii.

After receiving her BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Art Education from San Jose State University, she taught art for twenty years to inspire students to feel comfortable and proud of their creations. She now brings her experience, creativity, and enthusiasm into her studio with the desire to create paintings that others can connect to and enjoy.

Her process begins by visiting gardens and taking photos of flowers that catch her eye. Then, when it's time to start a new piece, she scrolls through her archives until the right flower speaks to her, evoking sentiments she feels her soul needs to express. ⁠ She begins by using an acrylic wash to paint the base layer, mapping the forms onto canvas. Then she paints in layers in one area at a time using small paint mixtures. She will then go back and touch up areas that need more contrast and make the lights brighter.

Renée says that painting flowers help her to slow down and enjoy nature's simple beauty. Painting flowers also nourishes her desire for others to feel joy and connect on a deeper level when they view her paintings.