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Neighborhood: West Portal

When I was young, growing up in Vermont, my world was a visual one. My rural home with its changing seasons, changing weather, and changing scenery, provided a visual treat that evoked strong emotions year round. I loved to draw then and tried to do the best that I could to produce a good representation of what I was seeing. I did have dreams of becoming an artist then; but, I also had a love of science. So, when Sputnik happened and the space race started, I joined it to become a “rocket scientist”. During my career in the aerospace industry, I didn’t totally give up my art. I took occasional art classes, painted landscapes in oils, sketched during vacation trips, and gravitated to watercolor painting. I was always striving to capture the mood of an image and my feelings about it. Now that I have retired, I have focused on improving my artistic skills so that I can capture that elusive nature of a place or image so that a viewer can experience it as I do.