Charlie Max Rizzoli

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Neighborhood: Glen Park

Making art has been a big part of my life and I use the influences of my life on my art.
Everything from - my travels through Mexico: Sinaloa, Yucatan, Mexico City, and Yosemite (where I had the privilege to live and work) - to my long-time interest in skateboarding and my love of nature, as well as my pets, have been the source of my painting, drawing, and photography inspiration. During my education at the San Francisco Art Institute (where I also worked as a Groundskeeper) I was lucky enough to study with Carlos Villa who unfortunately passed away in 2013.

Most recently, I have focused on photography and the possibilities of the digital process.

Among my exhibitions are Southern Exposure, San Francisco, CA, 2005, “Minor Keys” a juried youth art exhibit; Mills Building, San Francisco, CA, 2006, “Through the Looking Glass” art exhibit curated by Richard Olsen; and Everett Middle School, San Francisco in 2006, “The Beacon” a solo exhibit of my drawings and paintings. As well as, ArtSpan exhibits over the years. My paintings, in particular, are in private collections.