Rin Olson

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Neighborhood: North Beach

Rin (b. 1995; Wilmington, DE) is an interdisciplinary artist based in San Francisco working with painting, drawing, and sound.

At the core of her current body of work is the discovery of shapes found in birdsong spectrograms. These shapes are chosen carefully and pieced together into compositions as a means of carrying or facilitating color. She uses birdsong to study color because it is something that exists and is true; that doesn't already possess color.

Rin's work converses with ideas of transcription, notation, music, sound, movement, rhythm. There are also elements of communication, connectivity, perception, subjectivity, Space, breath, rest. Vibrations, echoes, and reverberation.

Rin studied classical piano and the history of art at Furman University in Greenville, SC.