Richard Waller

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Neighborhood: West Portal

Working mainly from photographs, I make paintings of things that evoke fond memories or strike a chord. Each painting I do connects me with the energy of some memorable experience or to moments in time that are precious to me.

My preferred medium is acrylic on canvas. I employ a palette of hues that are bright and harmonious. Rather than fine and detailed, my brushwork is strong but loose. I also enjoy employing a scrumbling technique to blend colors.

I have enjoyed drawing and painting on-and-off my entire life. However, I did not pursue painting in a serious manner until after I retired in January 2016. Since then I have taken classes through the Art Department at San Francisco City College (CCSF) practically every semester.

Now, with several years of experience I continued to enhance my skills and consider myself a representational painter and artist. My varied portfolio includes landscapes, townscapes, portraits of people, animals, and still-life tableaus. My goal is to execute paintings that command attention from across the room and please the eye up close.

I find great delight in painting the world around me and I owe it to the instruction I have received at CCSF.

I hope that you find something to enjoy in the sampling of my paintings found on my web page gallery:

Rich Waller