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Neighborhood: Mission

Reg started his love affair with the arts as a musician playing bass in numerous post punk bands on the SF scene in the 80's. He eventually switched from bass to guitar and moved back to the city of his childhood, London to pursue a career as a singer song writer. After years of playing the circuit with limited success he quit music and moved to the Mountains of Panama where he lived for 13 years successfully designing and building one of kind high end houses. After meeting his Panamanian wife and having 2 children Reg had a short stint as a restaurant bar owner in Panama City. Eventually he decided to move back to SF to live in the family house and take care of his aging dad. The immigration process for his wife took almost 3 years. A large part of this wife took almost 3 years. A large part of this time he was separated from his wife and 2 young kids. It was during this period he dove into the visual arts as if his life depended on it. He combined his carpentry skills with process techniques he had developed playing and writing. Why started as 3D wall hangings expanded to include wood sculptures and painting on wood. "I do whatever strikes me. Apart from the wood I think the thread that connects most of my stuff is a rebellious punk sensibility and a desire to be original. There is a vibrancy and energy that I strive for by pushing stuff to the edge. If something is just awkward enough it resonates with me. I hope it strikes a chord with you"