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RFCL works in several parallel disciplines; electronic music, texts, comics, graphics and video, and allows each of them to affect the others in unpredictable ways.

RFCL allows for musical ideas to transform the writing, and takes elements of form that is discovered in the writing and will apply those to video. In this way, instead of the different disciplines serving as distractions or contradictions, they augment the others and prevent any approach from getting stale.

Inspired by the ideas of John Cage, RFCL frequently works with randomness and isomorphism. Driven by the impulse to blend visual, audio and textual elements in search of a truly subversive experience, RFCL pushes to be process driven, often creating rules and adhering to them without attempting to further control the final outcome. By working in this way, RFCL focuses exclusively on the intuitive process of creation.