Puja Kapur

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Neighborhood: Mission

Creating art for me is a state of active meditation involving incredibly focused attention and a degree of mindfulness . It helps me restore a measure of equilibrium with my inner self and helps transform emotions into something tangible – a transcript of self-expression in the language of colors and textures. My work is reflective on a psychological level about the human spirit, self-realization and evolution. It serves as an empowering transformative agent of a paradigm shift of consciousness and a deeper spiritual metamorphosis.

Colors and textures form the dominant language for translating emotions and experiences onto a 3D canvas into mixed-media compositions with a balance between contrast and harmony. Contrast encompasses all the things that are stimulating in art and life: contrast between light and dark, hot and cold, smooth and textured, straight and curved… and is the guiding principle to create a sense of harmony in these compositions. My process is the interplay between technique and surrendering to my inner spirit and my favorite paintings have emerged from strife between attempting to dictate a pattern but then “letting-go” to the painting while still remaining aware and present.

My first work of art was in childhood and training in Art was through a degree in Bachelor of Art and Architecture in India, at age 17. My hope is that my artwork will bring about more awareness, self-discovery and help to expand my consciousness. My vision is to use my creativity to bridge the gap between beauty and social entrepreneurship, and donate proceeds from sales to empower women.