artpaul cartier


OCT 29 & 30
1845 Hayes St.
San Francisco, CA 94117


The photographs of artpaul cartier invite inquiry. In this new selection, he seeks to look at plants in a new light and focus.

Why this subject, this moment, this light, this composition?

Has the world always been this way, or is it changing?

How does this image connect to the next one? Is there a next one?

If the viewer continues on, without a state of wonder, or of wondering, has the artist failed?

Leaves on the sidewalk, sunlight bouncing brilliantly off the water, the mystery of light at night, the material evidence of people’s lives... why should these be interesting?

My process began in film, with a brownie, an Instamatic, and then an Olympus OM-1. As I began to formally study photography, it expanded to medium and large format films. Each had its strengths, which I noted and exploited.

I am not a purist. The image desired dictates the method, and as digital photography began to catch up to the quality of film, I began to switch over. But for me, film will remain in play as a tool, as an archive, and as a standard.

Will the oldest photographic medium (cyanotype) outlast film or the pigment print? Iron rusts, silver tarnishes, pigments fade. Perhaps the moment captured will only last a few moments in time, but with everlasting effect?

Will memory be always fragile?

My crowd-sourced video, "in the air" (Exquisite Corpse) was featured in Dada: Here and Now in May 2016 at Ft. Mason Center (curated by Hanna Regev and Matt McKinley).

Tree Ferns (self-portrait) was included in Rayko gallery's Plastic Camera show in February, 2016.

Idaho Malt was chosen by Nancy Toomey for ARC Gallery's nationally juried show, DARK. It will be featured at my Open Studio, October, 2015.

Ocean Beach 62 was chosen for the new SFPUC building on the corner of Polk and Golden Gate. It is an addition to a continuing series of Air/Land/Seascapes.

Profiling, a live video/still mugshot project was selected by Hanna Regev and Matt Mckinley for the SF International Art Festival, May, 2015.

I currently have work on display at my home studio, and at the Floral Loft, on Hayes St., SF.

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