Pavitra Eshwar

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Neighborhood: West Portal

I am a self-taught artist from San Francisco that paints on whimsical themes with telling squiggly line markings. I worked in technology for many years until I quit to paint, to do what I love doing most - Create! I found my unique voice, my artist alphabet, that felt liberating to communicate in while telling original stories of detail to a keen audience. My art-process involves mixing water mediums and ink to paint scenes from the contemporary world infused with fiction. I find here an endless freedom to redefine, rebuild and make it attractive, even evoke important dialog. I use shaky line-drawings to reduce an idea to its barest form, distort just enough to bring intrigue and wrap it in an appealing color palette that is signature. When I’m not painting, I write poems, raise money for important causes, float in meditation & create art experiences with my two girls.