Pavitra Eshwar

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I am a self-taught artist from SF that dabbles in abstract expressionism. The common thread connecting my portfolio combines watercolor smears & squiggly lines in a vibrant color palette. Alongside my artistic pursuits, I've had a strong flair for engineering & design all through. I worked in technology for many years until I quit to paint, & do what I loved doing most. I had landed a compelling language of my own,where I felt most expressive & free. It was also the time I became a mother & the culmination of the two pushed me to the epicenter of my creative explosion.My art-process involves being touched by strong influences with an endless freedom to redefine. I use shaky line-drawings to reduce an idea to its barest form, distort just enough so the mind interestingly still puts them together visually. This journey from start to finish is unique and breaks norms and continues to evolve me. I paint on social themes such as women empowerment, gender-bias,climate change, food industry & technology etc. and also on fantasy & fiction. I’d like for my art to evoke change, or at the very least, dialog. Novel works are birthed through each exploration & it's truly the most exciting thing I experience.