Pauline Crowther Scott

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Neighborhood: Bernal Heights

I like to experiment with different combinations of media, working in layers to create fantastical cityscapes, dreamscapes and strange abstracts. My paintings are created with layers of acrylic paint, glue resist and more layers, accentuating lines with sharpies and occasionally using stencils and spray paint. In the last few years this has led me from tangles of neurons to geographical vistas to creatures floating in space.
Having recently completed a series of ten more realistic images of woodland scenes incorporating birds, trees and fairies in a narrative sequence to accompany related poems, I am now working on sets of smaller, more abstract panels. I'm also developing my line of wearable art - scarves, women's tops, bags, pillows and jewelry all printed with my paintings and drawings.
Since the beginning of the covid lockdown I have been painting my succulent plants which have been blooming and flowering on my deck in spite of everything!