Paul Gralen

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Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard

My current photographic work comprises several different threads. I have shot a series of works in the ruins of Hunters Point Shipyard that depict the slow decay of the abandoned industrial site, and have published a book of these photos, "Shipyard, Dust and Memories: Photographs of Hunters Point Shipyard".  This work represents the start of my return to photography using digital processes, supplementing many years of work as a metal sculptor, work which I continue to explore.

My other major thread of photographic work involves shooting urban imagery in New York City and San Francisco. I seek to capture the fleeting moments of life in the city, the blink-of-an-eye capture that freezes a unique moment in time in the life of the city. Much of this work is processed as black and white imagery.

I also continue to explore the world of fabricated steel sculpture with several series of smaller table-top sized pieces, small "Spirit Totems", and larger pieces that reflect multiple aspects of my 38 years as an artist.