Nimisha Doongarwal

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Neighborhood: SOMA

As an artist, I am committed to exploring and challenging the intersections of race, gender, and post-colonialism in my work by exploring the ways in which gender and racial biases shape our world. My art is a means of both personal and political expression, as I strive to bring attention to the experiences and perspectives of marginalized communities. Through my mix-media portraiture, I aim to create pieces that are both visually striking and thought-provoking, inviting viewers to consider the ways in which these biases intersect and impact the lives of individuals.I am also deeply interested in the ways in which post-colonialism continues to shape our world and the art that we create. I rely on a wide range of media, incorporating elements such as text, fabric, found media, and paint to create rich and layered pieces. I am particularly interested in using my art to challenge traditional notions of beauty and identity, and I seek to create portraits that celebrate the diverse journey of my subjects. I often incorporate elements of my cultural heritage and history into my work, seeking to reclaim and celebrate the rich traditions and histories of colonized peoples.

My ultimate goal as an artist is to create work that engages and inspires viewers to think more strongly about the ways in which gender and racial biases shape our society, and to consider the ways in which we can work to dismantle these systems of oppression. I believe that art has the power to spark dialogue and change, and I am committed to using my art as a means of amplifying the voices and experiences of marginalized communities. Overall, my art is a means of creating space for dialogue and change, as I work to raise awareness of the ongoing struggles and triumphs of women and marginalized communities.

My works have been featured in publications and magazines such as Forbes, Maake magazine, Artmarket magazine and has exhibited in museums and galleries including the De Young Museum, UCSF Women's Health Center, Gallery Route One, San Francisco International Airport, San Mateo City Hall, San Mateo Library, Oakland Asian Cultural Center, Museum of Northern California and Brown University.