Niloufar Farzam

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Neighborhood: East Bay

Thoreau once said: "NATURE is beautiful only as a place where a life is to be lived. It is not beautiful to him who has not resolved on a beautiful life."

Thoreau’s quote unquestionably resonates with me. I too, wish to address the beautiful in NATURE and celebrate it's absolute wildness, innate freedom, and infinite strength. I look at NATURE with painter’s sensitivity and scientist’s eye. Through my art, I honor Nature by expressing it’s many riches, including mountains, sea coasts, sunsets, thunderclouds, and trees. I worship the environment we inhabit, but mourn its gradual destruction. I am richest when I use NATURE as my inspiration and poorer when I depict its destruction by Climate Change.

When I am about to begin a painting, I become deeply reflective and in touch with the powerful emotions that NATURE instills in me. As the painting develops, these inspirations evolve into the raw elements of form, shape, contrast, color and texture. Upon completion, these all come together to create an incredibly powerful and cohesive statement.

In my artwork I warn against the ecological poverty of that we are creating. We cannot continue to bulldoze the landscape, to pollute the air, and to ravage and exploit the NATURE with impunity. I want people to be in awe of NATURE and to take action to stop the Earth from becoming a barren wasteland.