Denise Laws

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(415) 377-9457

Neighborhood: Mission

My artistic practice is rooted in collage, abstraction and assemblage, distilling and transforming the consumer clutter of the everyday. The work narrates itself through a mixture of advertisements, magazine images, drawings and a variety of re-appropriated materials which I alter, develop and expand into a series of constructs. As a whole, the work is symbiotic; the series are outgrowths of each other therefore often relating conceptually sometimes with humor and irony, other times through a minimalist, fluid semblance. With my continuing interest in textures, fabrications, and the broad spectrum of the interior, exterior, and re-purposed packaging materials, I attempt to conjure an awakening or re-awakening of the ordinary in the spirit of surrealism and dadaism and the readymades. I want to extricate and reveal beauty hidden within a disposable consumer
culture re-focusing through a different lens/filter on what we acquire and consume.

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