Nathan Alexander Foxton

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Neighborhood: Tenderloin
Group Affiliation: 1890 Bryant Street Studios

I receive a deep sense of wonder when working with color harmonies, symbols, and paradoxical space. I create paintings to organize and connect divergent elements of life through a conscious vision. My work compounds moments of insight and embodied experience to share the joy of life through open interpretation.

I’ve learned to hold my thoughts lightly, and that allows me flexibility and focus. When I mix color for a painting, multiple paths open up concerning composition, light, and emotion. I engage with the process of drawing, editing, destroying, reworking, and refining to reveal an illuminating narrative. I listen to what my mind has to share in symbols and imagery, and allow objects and spaces to flow into my artistic practice. Intentional and destructive decisions are both productive. The significance of life feels more fresh as I reflect and play with my experience, opening myself to creative solutions.

“Why is life this way?” is often a question I imagine asking with others. My practice is a space where I see myself, the world, and myself in the world in different ways. Change in perception can be challenging, and through my work I want to show that it is possible and meaningful. I thoroughly enjoy refining the elements of what I do in the studio, and see how each one changes how I perceive. I am truly delighted when my ideas and effort result in a beautiful painting and I want to share that experience with the world.