Anastasia Faiella

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Anastasia has a rich and creative artistic background. She earned her Masterd in Fine Arts from the University of California at Berkeley in 2004 and prior to that, attended the University of Minnesota, where she earned her Bachelors degree in Art History.
"In my work as an abstract oil painter I see my process as an intimate experience of my observed and felt connection to the natural world. My paintings, rendered as abstractions, seek to find the harmony, balance and meditative rythm found naturally in the nature I observe. Interested in material effects I apply paint in various thicknesses and at various speeds to allow the materials in their organic form to challenge the paint rendered by my hand. The scale of my paintings is equal to intimacy of my encounters with the small, mundane and overlooked details in nature. Like the layered waves of a conical seashell or the changing patterns of rain as it runs down a muddy hillside, the rythm of time passing in my paintings is evident in the process by which they are created".
She has exhibeted all over the continent United States, with a focus on the western states. In 1998 she won the Julian Easels Award of Excellence for her submission to the Amsterdam Art Exhibit, at The Fort Mason Center in San Francisco.