Minami Oya

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Neighborhood: Bayview
Group Affiliation: Yosemite Place

My art is my way of mass communication with the public. I narrate the message in the form of abstract sculpture, using simple geometric forms in a monochromatic and minimalistic fashion. My message is universal: irony of life, beauty of duality, obscure cosmic principles. In my work, abstraction serves to de-personalize the message from the maker’s side and give freedom to personalize the translation on the receiver's end. I use black and white color scheme in order to illuminate and highlight the focal points of the features without distraction of colors. My metaphorical expression arises from my relationship with and the understanding of the materials I use, especially glass, which deeply fascinates me with its dualistic nature and remarkable similarity to us humans. I devote myself to be true to the medium I work with and bring out the best potentiality of the material.