Michelle Echenique

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Neighborhood: Noe Valley

Michelle Echenique is a mixed media, multidisciplinary artist meaning she works in a myriad of ways with an expansive list of materials. Despite the variety of medium, there is a through line in the work via the nature of materials she chooses, which is typically what people throwaway. She revels in the challenge of transforming the familiar and unseen into something new, ideally surprising enough to cause viewers to reconsider “trash”.

Using throwaways is key to the work’s impact and intention. She honors the integrity and original purpose of these found materials by making use of the innate histories and forms embedded in each fragment. The process is evolutionary, beginning with cleaning, repairing and prep, then figuring how to build and create a work of art. This deliberate process allows for a message or story to surface organically. In the end something new emerges, a work with hints of the familiar juxtaposed with compelling mystery that invites engagement and scrutiny.