Michael B Endicott

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Neighborhood: Cole Valley

Michael Endicott is a Fine Art photographer in San Francisco, California. His formative years were spent being exposed to the views of multiple cultures (particularly Scandinavian, North American, South American and Caribbean). Most of his youth was spent diving under, or sailing over, the sea's surface. Much of his adult life has been spent working at the intersection of the political and biological sciences. His camera has been his constant companion and his focus has always been on nature. His artistic perspective is an outgrowth of his experience, at the intersection of the "two worlds" shaped by nature and wo/man. His artwork explores the commonality in structure between the organic and the inorganic –both are comprised of protons, electrons and neutrons.

In essence, Michael produces cellular tapestries designed to connect the micro and macro structures that give shape and life to our world. Over time, his process in the digital darkroom has become more “sculptural” in nature as he bends wavelengths of light and molds multiple shots into one, and his photography has been pulled away from realism into the realm of expressionist or abstract painting. Most recently his abstract realism, The Mad Hatter, was part of the de Young Open in 2020 and 2023.

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Current Exhibits:
Triton Museum of Art, Santa Clara, CA until 9/8/24
Miwok Gallery, El Granada/Half Moon Bay, CA until 6/30/24
Gallery House, Menlo Park, CA until 7/31/24