Margaret E. Murray

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Neighborhood: Glen Park

Printmaking is hands-on and old school. Working with copper, linoleum, acid, lye, ink, small tools, paper, and a mechanical printing press connects me to centuries of artists, makers, and communicators. I control some of the results of my experimentations, but the materials and processes have a say, too, and the dialogue inspires me to keep going.

My recent work depicts abstract landscapes, including places I have known, yearned for, or imagined. I am drawn to coastlines, the edges of things, wherever land meets water. Birds-eye views of landscapes – ice, seashores, crop lands, and fields – and time spent near oceans, ice pack, and marshlands inspire the colors, shapes, compositions, and textures of my prints. Through experimentation with my materials, I find my way to creating images of natural and imaginary environments. I hope to inspire viewers to imagine their own treasured landscapes, real or ideal.