Mark Sullivan

Neighborhood: Sunset

Early on in making art, I did a self-portrait of a life-size skeleton all made of rope and on a medical stand. The plate on it and the title of the piece is “He must have moved with a quirky jerk”. I love humor. While I am primarily a painter, I conceptualize my art in my head and pick whatever material I think will get my ideas across to the viewer. This makes me a conceptual artist. It allows me to move around in a quirky jerk and explore where my mind goes.

Even if my art is static, I like my art to unfold, kind of like a movie. The more you look, the more that is revealed. I had a painting that was in a show. The painting was right at the front of the show and in front of the receptionist's desk. The receptionist told me that she really liked the painting. Toward the end of the show, she said she was shocked to finally notice that there were photos of faces in the painting that were looking out at her. She couldn’t believe that she had looked at the painting for about a month without noticing them. I go for that.