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Group Affiliation: Hunters Point Shipyard

The strongest influences on my life and my art are: 1) the French culture that my French grandmothers brought from France to San Francisco and transmitted to me. I often say that I grew up in France on Oak and Masonic Street in San Francisco. and 2) the colors, light and space of San Francisco Bay Area physical environment. Whether a flower still life, an abstract , a figurative, a landscape or a cityscape painting. I am always exploring the ever-changing inter-play of these elements in my paintings. I invite you to join me and discover with me the ever-changing colors, light and space of the San Francisco Bay Area. as reflected in my paintings. Marius Bosc After working as a graphic artist-designer in New York City for the New York Herald Tribune and other publications, Marius Bosc , a native San Franciscan, returned to San Francisco/Bay Area to pursue his first passion,painting..