Marc Ellen Hamel

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Neighborhood: Hunters Point Shipyard

There is a search going on when I paint. I push colors around to see what reaction occurs in me.  It is a thrill and a challenge to create a world using brushstrokes, areas of color, lines. I get into a place where deep intuition can surface and lead me onward. My recent series focuses on recollections of time spent in nature. These are not "plein-aire" works nor following from
photographs, but from the views and sensations that imprinted on me during nature-soaked days. I let the paint lead me to a location that serves as a personal landscape revisited.

In my printmaking work I created a series that respond to my city wanderings. The "Urban Blues" monotype series reflects patterns of life in the city. The layered, rectilinear aesthetic recalls the arrangement of streets and architectural elements seen as I pass through the city.