Sanjukta "Mana" Roy

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Neighborhood: Mission

I like to look at each new idea with a fresh perspective and not be encumbered by having to implement only using techniques and materials already familiar to me - which is why I use a lot of different styles and techniques. Most of my work is on paper and canvas, though I have been known to use other materials. I use a variety of media and use what seems right at the moment: paint, collage, pastel, dirt, beverages, etc., etc.

Subjects that inspire me include anything that moves me; to be happy, sad, morose, morbid, overwhelmed by beauty... the list is endless. A long term project that I have been working on has been channeling my experiences of living on different continents as a woman towards a series that explores what it means to be a woman in different societies and cultures. I have also been collaborating on illustrating children's books and movie illustrations.