Malti B Lee

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I paint expressive flowers against vivid abstract backgrounds with line-drawn architectural details from across Europe, Asia and America. Having lived exclusively in large metropolitan cities, pockets of vibrant flowers were always found against the backdrop of buildings. The same way that noticing the fusion and contrasts of flowers in urban environments brought me moments of joy, calmness and reflection, my hope is that I can help others feel the same. In my new series, I invite audiences to pause and see the beauty in the world around them as they are transported to places around the world.

My process begins by selecting a building or city view and the type of flower to paint. The contrast of my natural and manmade subjects are mirrored in the contrast of technique, scale and colour employed in my work. On canvas, a bold, abstract background is built up using a variety of tools to apply and spread paint and in many layers. Using white acrylic paint pens, architectural details are drawn in free-hand. The final stages involve painting in bold, oversized flowers to tie the piece together. Lost in the city. Lost in Nature. Lost in Colour.