Maggie Malloy

(415) 350-6801

I am an artist interested in the visual psychic story of the human race, our struggle to understand universal emotions that cross over to all genders, races, and cultures. Our stories are born in history. My ceramic sculpture is about MEMORIES, in homage to our ancestors. Visual images of trees, roots, bones, locks, & chains are metaphors for family, secrets, stories, growth, life, death, both past and in the future. I see my sculptures as “offerings” to deepen the engagement between remembrance and (un) forgetting. 
My printmaking images are political. My objective is to challenge the myths of human issues and record changes with positive visual images that can help us view the world as a global effort. I often like to make very pleasing and colorful images to bait the viewer to SEE only to realize the narrative is a ‘warning’.
My paintings are a cross over of both memories & political and tend to be more abstract. I am dedicated to the visual arts as a way of giving back to our social environment with cultural images that enhance and deepen our care for human beings.