Lucia Bogatay


OCT 28 & 29, 2017
2240 Palou Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
My pottery is the result of a dialog between my evolving skill and the properties of the materials I use.  I am an architect by training, and am relatively new to potting.  My efforts are reinforced by my interest in form and a delight with the more immediate results which are possible in ceramices.  I love to experiment and sometimes to push the limits.  I return to classic forms to remind myself that potter is a skill and that learning is ongoing.  I want my pottery to be both useful and beautiful, but above all to convey the process that produced it.  My father was a potter, and I inherited his tools as well as a fascination with the medium of clay.  Using his hand-made tools connects me to my past, and gives me inspiration.  I invite you to view the results next October in my open-studio presentation.