Laura Hapka

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(925) 984-1437

Pacific Felt Factory
2830 20th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

I create abstract paintings through the manipulation and layering of acrylic. I strive to produce work that stretches the definition of acrylic painting using a novel, multistep process. Each painting is composed of acrylic that is altered when freed from substrate. The acrylic is subsequently layered onto the final surface to add dimensionality and increase intrigue.

I produce abstract work that is driven by themes of expression of emotion, self-awareness and self-worth, and interactions with nature. Each theme, listed below by series title, represents a force that has impacted my life and makes me who I am: Laura Hapka, artist.

Color/Texture Series
Paintings made from deconstructed and reconstructed acrylic. The paintings are textured to the point of being sculptural. As designed, the composition is uncomplicated but the work conveys complexity through its fullness. The manipulation of color/tone, the texture and the scale allow me to directly incite an emotional response. I created each piece with intention, referencing a specific event or ambition.

Money-Chrome Series
Minimalist mixed media paintings made from deconstructed acrylic and shredded United States Currency. The paintings typically have remnants of metallic to represent other currencies, such as gold and coins. With this textured series, based on shredded money, I explore the monetization of my artwork and the contradiction between the cost of creation and the perceived value of art.

Forest/Trees Series
Abstract geometric paintings of the forest and trees created from layers of acrylic and epoxy resin. As a meditation on the old adage ‘you can’t see the forest for the trees’, I create each piece as reminder to adjust focus on what is truly important and not give into ever-present details and distractions. This body of work is heavily influenced by self-improvement and my training in Landscape Architecture.

Natural/Wave Series
Geometric abstraction paintings created from layers of acrylic and epoxy resin. The paintings are a combination of two distinctly designed planes, suggestive of plan view. With this work I create a dialog between color, personal and reflective, and layers, dimensions of time. I use color as emotion and identifiable but occluded layers to explore the separate but intertwined emotions that make up my frame of mind.

Trauma Series
Paintings of abstract brain imagery created from layers acrylic and epoxy resin, and occasionally chalk. I developed the series from the use of art to deal with past traumatic experiences, which included physical abuse and the loss of loved ones. The work is a means of personal therapy. The paintings are explorations of the effects of stressors on the brain and the changes to brain chemistry due to trauma.