Laura Hapka

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(925) 984-1437

Pacific Felt Factory
2830 20th Street
San Francisco, CA 94110

I create abstract geometric paintings and geometric abstraction paintings out of acrylic medium and epoxy resin. I strive to build unique work using a complex process. My work comes solely from personal imagery. Each piece is a dialogue driven by colors and layers.

I am not restricted by color; I do not use a set color palette. Mixing my own paint, I combine color as a form of self-expression. Each color renders a state of emotion. Each painting combines those states into an interpretation of my frame of mind. Each piece has a mood, each mood is me. Nothing is accidental.

Carefully sketched by hand, every painting has two distinct layers of acrylic paint separated by coatings of epoxy resin, which add another dimension. Once the first layer is painted, methodically to plan, epoxy is applied. Then the second layer of paint is affixed and the true nature of the design is revealed. The second layer rarely ends up per design, but that is part of the plan. Inspection of a finished piece exposes countless color and texture intricacies giving the viewer the joy of discovery.

I work within three series. The Forest and Trees Series are paintings of abstracted geometric landscapes, the Wave Series are uncomplicated geometric abstractions and the Trauma Series are abstract paintings of brain imagery. Each of the three series represent part of who I am: Laura Hapka, Artist.